Seeing Ukraine suffering through the unacceptable invasion of their sovereign territory by Russia, we want to make our position clear.

We stand in solidarity with all those affected by war
With all those who have lost someone or something they love due to violence
With all refugees forced to leave the people, places and lives they love, fleeing invasion or political persecution
We acknowledge this pain.

We stand for inclusive and transparent democracies
Believing all voices should be heard without threats of recrimination
We do not support narratives of nationalism based on exclusion and demonization of others
We acknowledge our common humanity.

We see all those in neighbouring countries and around the world who are responding to converging crises with care and compassion
All those bearing the costs of war and still working to bring more hopeful futures into being
We appreciate these everyday acts of support as the threads that can sew our communities back together
We acknowledge our capacity to bring about positive change.

We stand for peace as the path but know there is no peace without justice
We refuse to be beholden to violent autocratic regimes and reject increased militarization as a solution
We insist on investing in the implementation of rapid transformations towards sustainability
We acknowledge our interdependence in the diverse web of life on Earth.

In recognition of our common future, we stand in solidarity with all those affected by war and call for immediate actions to promote peace, justice and sustainability.

solidarity statement from a group of Homeward Bound participants


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